USAPI Email Listserv Rules

Including USAPI Face Book accounts & other electronic communications by staff & members

The policies and procedures in this manual are intended to be strict guidelines for email list serve use by members & staff of USAPI, Inc. The information & Guidelines should be followed at all times. USAPI, Inc reserves the right to revoke, change or supplement guidelines at any time without notice. USAPI will inform the membership as soon as reasonable should a change occur.

Purpose of email listserv rules

Board & Staff use of email listserv: The purpose of the email listserv is to provide a method of communications to the membership through its Board of Directors, Executive Director, or authorized representative.

USAPI members use of the email listserv: The purpose of the Listserv is to provide a method of communications from members to other members.

USAPI expects all members adhere to the highest standards and rules of conduct when communicating as the professionals we are.

The USAPI membership listserv is NOT intended to be used as a forum for disputes, arguments or defamatory exchanges.

USAPI has adopted the following listserv rules to optimize the communication benefits for all members.

  1. Your post may not be derogatory, inflammatory, vulgar or argumentative in nature.
  2. You may not knowingly post requests for service or information that would violate local, state or federal law or international laws, treaties or regulations.
  3. You may not post personal identifiers and specific case information to the general email listserv. This does not preclude members from emailing identifiers and case information to individual (s) member (s) involved in legitimate business using the USAPI email listserv.
  4. You may not post jokes or email threads.
  5. You may not provide, copy, forward, transmit or otherwise give a USAPI email listserv message to any non-member, except for requests for service.

Enforcement Procedures

Violations of the email listserv policy could result in one of three (3) actions taken by the USAPI board of directors.

  1. Warning.
  2. Suspension of membership privileges for a period of time determined by the board.
  3. Revocation of membership.

All enforcement of violations will be treated as confidential and will not be discussed outside of the board and the violating members.

USAPI does not want to discourage usage of the email listserv. If you question an email you want to post, please contact USAPI for guidance.

USAPI, Inc reserves the right and makes the final decisions on any email listserv rule or violation remedies.

The rules are in place and effective immediately and are for the company’s and members’ protection. We value your input and your participation in the usage of the email listserv. And while the USAPI email listserv is a member benefit it is also a privilege and USAPI reserves the right to moderate the content by enforcing this or other any other rules that USAPI may institute.