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Dear list,

We are definetly excited about our new USAPI website and seemless members area.  Everyday I'm learning a few new things.  I want to encourage each of you to login to your profile and just make sure everything is current and up to date.  Check your addresses and your phone numbers as well as check to see if you want to change your email address.

One of the benefits of our new website and members area, is that it is more streamlined, seemless and automated.  We do these things to help keep the cost of operations down to a minimum.  Every week we have calls and emails from potential new clients looking for investigators, or calls to verify membership.  Its not enough to be in our system, your membership dues must be current.  This helps you for the reasons I mentioned and it helps us to keep financially stable and offer more benefits and to keep our website and members area current with the latest technologies.  

Please check out our new website and members area and comment back to us...  Good or bad we want to hear from you.