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Dear members,

As you may now know, we have a new website and members area.  To access your membership profile you must be current on your membership dues.  It will take some weeks ahead to get everything just the way we want it but there are a few new changes I want to address.

First, when you sign up as a new member or if you are renewing your membership, our merchant services will now keep your encrypted credit card data on file.  Let me repeat this.  USAPI will NOT keep your credit card information.  Only our complient merchant service will keep this informaiton.  Your membership will now auto renew unless you cancel it or inform us.  This is great because it keeps you guys from having to read reminder emails, etc....  Renewals are just $35 per year.

second, all of you can now login to your profile and upload a photo for your profile.  We encourage you to upload a nice passport type photo.  

Third, your training is even better to keep on demand.  Simply login to your profile and  you will see a tab to insert all of your training.  This is a great feature as it is something you can print out on demand for your court appearences, etc...  Anytime you need to show what you have had training in.  For those who have been using the training section on the old system, we deeply appoligize as you will have to create all your training in the new system.

I encourage every member to login to thier new profile and make sure all the information is accurate.  If you need to renew your membership dues, this is a good time to do it.  I've said this a lot over the years, but we really are trying to make USAPI the best membership for the investigative industry.

This new members area is very different from our old system.  Many things could not be transferred over but we did our best.  Now we need everyones help to make sure your profile is current and accurate.  Please login and check everything.

More messages to come as I learn more about our new system.